Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ugandan Health Clinic Project

Kally meeting Rotary Club of Mbale President Bonny Mark Alinga. 
Following a visit to Uganda last year by Rotarian Kally Hooper, and an introduction to the Rotary Club of Mbale, we are proceeding with a joint initiative to build a much needed health clinic in Mbale.

Kally was volunteering in Uganda to train local nurses in mental health care, and was keen to meet up with local Rotarians. She was welcomed into the Rotary Club of Mbale where she learned of their dreams of building a health clinic.

The building that will eventually be a new health clinic.
We have had great dialogue with Rotarian Bonny Mark Alinga, and in partnership with the Mbale club and local organisation Midpro Initiatives, we will shortly be commencing stage 1 of the project. This will involve the completion of building work for the clinic, which we hope to support with a Rotary Foundation District Grant.

Stage 2 of the project will be to fit out the clinic and get it ready for operation, with the assistance of a Rotary Foundation Global Grant.

Along the way we will need to undertake considerable fundraising for this major initiative. We hope we can count on the Seaford community for your support.
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